Ed & Barb FishelWe are delighted to recommend DeGraw Design & Build, LLC. This company has served us well with several projects including a complete makeover of our master bath (new plumbing, shower, tile, flooring) and a major refurbishment of a second home for our son in Baltimore that included roof repairs, installation of a new window, siding, doors and a permanent solution to a chronic leak.  The attention to detail and the workmanship are exemplary.  This company is responsive and its prices are fair for the quality of the work.  We highly recommend them.
Ed and Barb Fishel

I just wanted to thank you again for the great job you and all your guys did for me. You all went over and above as usual. But mostly, I want to thank you for being so kinds as to power wash my deck for me. It looks great. It was totally unnecessary for you to offer to do it, but so very much appreciated. Mike did a fantastic job on it—he really worked long and hard at it. So thank you for everything. I’ll be in touch soon (and I hope it is soon!!) as we hear back from Mom’s HOA.
Joanne (Ellicott City)

As always, John DeGraw and his associates completed the work in a professional manor, on time, and within budget. Thanks for the excellent service.
Roland (Towson)

Excellent job! John DeGraw was outstanding from first meeting to follow up. The crew was also excellent. The quality was well worth the price.
Ron (Howard County)

Hi John,
We got bids from several contractors, but the primary two were yourself and another company. We looked mostly at 3 factors.

  • Reputation – From working with you on the previous addition we had every confidence in your ability to deliver and to be a good working partner. We thought we had a pretty good knowledge of the other company as well, since we had good reports. So that criteria was sort of a tie.

  • Design Ideas – This was less of a driver on this project, although a major one on the kitchen/family room update that we did with you, where your design was really a driver in our decision.

  • Cost- This was the primary decision driver. Both you and the other company’s bids came in at about the same amount ($60,000) which was really a lot more than I was expecting; however, the other company’s bid did include some extras, so discounting those they were about $10,000 less. In the end, we probably ended up spending closer to your estimate.

Working with you and Mike on the previous project was certainly a much more pleasant and easy experience with a lot more concern shown on your part that we were getting what we wanted. That was not so much with the other company. In any case, the effort is done, we are older and wiser. I think now that it is better to stick with someone you know directly. We continue to be extremely happy with the addition and improvements that you supported.
Bill (Montgomery County)